I might be done running

Who am I, if I’m not a runner?

As I said in the last blog, the plan was to run the half marathon in March and make a decision about running after that. Well, I wound up on a trip to California on the date of the March race, so that didn’t happen. When I wrote this it was near the end of April and I was still not running. It had been 2 months and 2 days (I’m wasn’t counting LOL) since I went for a “real” run.

I continue to struggle with it, but I’m also ok with it. I told a family member the other day that I hung up my running shoes.

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I think I might be done running. I always believed that I would run until I was 90. But what does that mean for me now?

Who am I, if I’m not a runner?

What will I DO?

What about my goal of 12 half marathons this year? I don’t give up on my annual goals.

As I re-read this today and tweak before posting I feel sad. I felt pretty lost in April. I was still working on figuring out what the next steps were for me, I still am. So much has happened in the last few months. Making the choice not to run has caused me to look at many areas of my life. This transformation I have been going trough has had major ups and downs. I was/am scared, new or different things can be scary, and I am changing a big portion of my life.

This is when I get to walk to the talk. I share my thoughts, struggles, emotions, breakdowns and excitement with key people I have in my life. I get real and honest with my life coaches who are supporting me through this change and calling me out on my shit when I am capable of more than I act like I am. My spiritual advisor assists with guidance and encouragement. My Reiki Master is here for healing and grounding.

AND my family and chosen family, they are my rocks, no amount of gratitude is enough.

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