I Ran Anyway

Going slower, crying, walking, time for a break

Even though my heart wasn’t in it I ran the race in February. It turned out to be the worst and hardest race of my life. It was mentally harder than my first half marathon. My time was actually pretty good for me, but mentally I was a complete wreck. At mile 8, I hit a wall like I have never hit before. My pace was getting slower and slower. My left leg was in pain, I was crying, I even walked at the 12 mile marker (I don’t walk). I wanted to die, to just lie down on the side of the road and cry. I did however complete the race. I decided that day to take a break. I would NOT run for 30 days. Allowing some time for my body and mind to heal and then run a half marathon at the end of March.

During my break from running I chose to spend more time on my yoga mat. The physical and spiritual practice helped me through the next few weeks, especially mentally. It was so strange for me; I did not want to run for the first time in years. I didn’t really even miss it.

And my body… it didn’t know how to feel. There was so much change happening. But the plan was to run the half marathon at the end of March, and then I would decide what was next after that.

Sometimes we have to really push ourselves to know what our limits are. But the trick really is to learn from those limits we find. Some limits can be pushed through and we find a new level of capability. However, some limits are there to teach us not to set ourselves up to fail.

Discover your true limitations, and then realign your focus on your strengths instead. This will create faster stronger growth.

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