A journey to and from running

Years, Hours, and miles… Amazing

For 29 years, I have been a runner. I started “really” running my freshman year of high school on the cross-country team. Today I am 43. Over the years I have taken breaks and even kind of “gotten away from” running, but I always found my way back. I’m a runner, that’s who I am, it defines me…. or so I thought.

From high school and into adulthood I ran 1-3 miles a few days a week. After high school I had not run in any competitions until 2011, when I started running 5k’s for fun with other runners. At the end of 2011 a few friends convinced me to run a half marathon (13.1 miles). Of course at the time I thought they were nuts, but I said yes. I also said it was a bucket list kind of thing. I trained for 3 months and completed my first half marathon in March of 2012. When I crossed the finish line I immediately thought, “I wonder if I can do it faster”. That’s when I became a long distance runner.

We have this thing inside us that pushes us and pulls us. The passion, the drive, and the desire to do something that is possibly very much out side of the norm for us. So often we don’t follow our desire due to fear or motivation. Even friends or family can detour us from chasing something we feel pulled to do. I fought against myself pretty hard to NOT become a long distance runner. After years, hours, and miles I’m so glad and proud I did it. The journey and the benefits have been amazing.


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