Shantell Fonock
“I believe change is possible for anyone, but only if you want to.”

BALANCE in your personal life equals wellness. This allows you to create the life that you want. Shantell utilizes several techniques & modalities to treat the whole person: the physical body, the mind, and the spirit. The different modalities she offers include Hypnosis, Reiki – Energy Healing, Coaching, and Meditation. If your desire is to change your career, break a habit, live a healthier lifestyle, or create strong healthy relationships, you can tap into one or all of Shantell’s modalities to overcome your difficulties. She helps you remove limiting belief systems resulting in positive changes, thus Renewing Your Soul and creating the life you want.

Shantell has been a mentor to both adults & teens for over 16 years. She believes that everyone, regardless of age, has a purpose and a dream. Her passion is helping you find your voice by coaching you through de-cluttering your life. This allows you to begin re-focusing on what is truly important, & this focus allows you to accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

Every person has a story, every person faces obstacles, & every person has a dream. AND every person has the ability to achieve every tremendous goal that they set. Shantell has made a commitment to help others find their inner strength & obtain their goals by mastering all four corners of your life.


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